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Welcome to Pilgart Explores - The home of authentic & raw travel videos. Join me as we journey to the most exciting and beautiful corners of the world, sharing our honest and unedited experiences with you. I bring you real and engaging content that immerses you in local cultures and showcases the inspiring life stories and perspectives of the people we meet along the way. Whether you're a travel enthusiast or just love a good adventure story, Pilgart Explores is the place for you.

As a teenager I always dreamt of living abroad and seeing the world. In those days I thought I was going to be a journalist working for a traditional broadcasting network, ironic aye?

As a 19 year old, my first trip took me to New Zealand, Peru, Portugal and Spain. It was during this trip that I realised that my dream of living abroad and seeing the world wasn’t just that, a dream. Now I was left with the question of how do I actually go about doing this? I went back to Denmark for about 10 months working my arse of, building up savings before I set off again.

I set off with the idea to live somewhere in South America for a couple of years. I eventually fell in love with Bolivia, where I settled in and bought a restaurant. I lived in La Paz, Bolivia for 2,5 years. It was at this time I came up with the idea of starting my own YouTube channel. I thought to myself, I’m already living this type of life, I have a camera and I always wanted to do some journalism work, covering interesting stories from hard to reach places / places where travellers don’t usually go.